Senior Associate CX Consultant


Fadi is researching the use of technology solutions for supporting people with Alzheimer’s type dementia

Fadi first joined Blue Latitude Health as a masters student in the field of Human-Computer Interaction HCI, taking the role of a CX intern as part of an internship scheme facilitated by City University of London. His experience lies in UX and graphic design for bespoke marketing products and scalable SaaS platforms.

Previously, he worked with retail, entertainment, and insurance clients in an agency style setting. Designing and delivering bespoke technology solutions for tackling client’s marketing challenges by leveraging in-house built technology and customer experience research.

In his spare time, Fadi manages emerging artists, touring with them whenever he gets the chance. Taking advantage of being bilingual (Arabic and English), Fadi also organises arts and music events that promote cross-cultural understanding and human dignity.

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