The new joiner experience at Blue Latitude Health

Eva Van der Borght|16th January 2017

Not only was 2016 a milestone year for Blue Latitude Health, we also hired 21 new employees. How are they getting on at BLH, you ask? There’s no one better to explain how they’ve fared in their new roles than our new joiners themselves.

Marketing Assistant Eva Van der Borght interviewed some of our newest employees across all levels to give us the word straight from the horse’s mouth;

What was your first impression of Blue Latitude Health?

“From day one as a freelancer, everyone made me feel like I was a part of the team. Working for different agencies, you often hear senior managers say the same things about projects, culture and development. I came in planning to move on after the initial project ended, but became invested in the work, loved the nice environment, and felt immediately like a member of the company.

That’s the great thing about BLH; senior management doesn’t take a step back, they’re involved and care about every single employee. Which was one of the big reasons I decided to stay after my freelance project had ended. ” – Begoña Sanchez


“The first time I came in contact with BLH was after my internship. I looked at the capabilities on the website and it all seemed very exciting and interesting. The ‘About Us’ page was a key factor in my decision to apply. The atmosphere at BLH is described as ‘positive, optimistic and supportive’; I try to live by these three words in my non-working life, so I knew then that this was the company for me.” – Pany Koizi

Compared to other companies, how did we stand out?

"At BLH, you are able to do more and get the opportunity to bring your skills to the table even when there might not be any experience in those areas already. It’s a very exciting place to be, especially when you have a science and healthcare background. It’s a company that wants to add value to the client and not just make money. Fred is great example of that, he doesn’t talk rubbish or doesn’t try to sell you something you don’t need. He’s honest and direct, and not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk.” – Idrisa Mshelia


“The company where I did my internship also had a consultancy division the same size as BLH, but it wasn’t growing nearly as quickly. Even though BLH grew immensely in 2016, the founders still took the time to conduct my interview and talk about their ambitions and growth plans for the company. I knew that if I wanted to progress quickly and become a senior consultant in a couple of years; working in such a fast-growing company was a great place to start. This is a company where an ambitious person in their early twenties should want to be.” - Pany


“The first thing that stood out for me about Blue Latitude Health was the fact that it’s a cross between a consultancy and an agency. It was very appealing as an Account Manager to get more involved in the strategy, but at the same time have a lot of client exposure and immediate access to creative teams.” – Dan North


How have we lived up to your first impressions?

“Being at BLH is a huge contrast compared to the agencies where I did my internships. In other agencies, you land in a more competitive environment, without supportive guidance, feeling like you’ve been thrown in at the deep end. Starting out as an intern, it didn’t take me long to feel at ease. Everyone was approachable, and I could ask questions of whomever, no matter their seniority. 

From being an intern to a permanent employee, my initial impression of BLH has definitely been surpassed. People are genuinely interested in developing my talent, and I get honest and consistent feedback so I can get the best out of my career path.” – Ditte Funding


“BLH is a social company where the general attitudes of people here are all aligned. There’s no one person that doesn’t like and want to come into work. The collaborative environment encourages everyone to get involved, even in the smallest decision.” - Idrisa


“BLH has exceeded my first impressions. It’s easy to say and very hard to deliver on the statement that ‘strategy is central in everything we do’. But every project we work on is devoted to that approach, creating very experienced teams you can draw knowledge from. The working culture at BLH is quite transparent; you know what is expected from you, and everyone works hard to achieve your goals with you.” - Dan


What or who has been most helpful for you when you started out at Blue Latitude Health?

“The most helpful person at BLH in my first weeks was my manager, Sophie. I started out as the Marketing and Business Development Intern, but my aspiration was to join the consultancy side of the business. She supported my goals, helped me develop them, and guided me in the right direction, resulting in me now being a full-time member of the strategy arm of the business.” - Ditte


“It’s a combination of multiple facets. I started in a great team, the level of work was really interesting, and the office environment full of helpful people that really looked out for me (and still look out for me). The environment made it a great place, where I felt at ease from the start.” -Begoña


“From day one at BLH you get straight into it and you get to know the work. The most useful person when you start out is your buddy. Your buddy is often a person who’s been at BLH for a while, and they guide you through the processes and help you get what you need to deliver great work at BLH.” - Idrisa


What do you like about working at BLH?

“I like the type of work and the quality we provide when delivering projects. A lot of strategic thinking goes behind every single asset we create. The entrepreneurial spirit of the company and the nature of our clients give us the opportunity to get involved on very different projects with a variety of people. ” -Begoña


“At BLH, we’re prepared to challenge clients and suggest the right solutions. It’s hard as an agency to push back on clients when they have a specific vision or idea, but it’s our aim to be more than an agency to the client, but to develop into a trusted partner.  

It’s a very social company as well; working on an AOR account, you don’t interact a lot with other teams. But the social events here are a great opportunity to just enjoy ourselves and get to know each other. The right people work here, our personalities complement each other, making us work better as a larger team.” – Dan


“In my position as an Associate Consultant, I have a surprising amount of say in higher-level strategy on projects I’m involved with. Compared to my friends working at larger, networked companies, they seem to be doing a lot of the legwork at this stage, don’t have as much input into project strategy and have less client face time. - Pany


What do you think of our company culture?

“The BLH culture is pretty unique, in the sense that it’s very supportive and inclusive of different types of people and thinkers. It’s also a flat structure; the senior people in the company are still very approachable, and they appreciate even the most junior member of the company.” - Ditte


“It’s the dynamic of BLH that’s very attractive to potential employees. We don’t sit around and wait for clients to come to us or for things to magically happen, we’re very proactive. We’re at the front of the industry, and on top of healthcare trends because we have such an international team. All this knowledge has helped us to create great thought leadership blogs, and in a fun and inclusive atmosphere to boot.” - Idrisa



Hopefully, we’ve shed a bit more light on what it’s like to start working at Blue Latitude Health, and how our new joiners have settled in. You can read more about what it’s like to work here in our company news, including interviews with employees and articles about the different roles here and how we approach collaboration.


If you’d like to have a more in-depth chat about where you might fit, get in touch with our Talent team via email or have a look at the roles we’re currently hiring for.

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