Presenting the GBLHBO, BLH’s own bake off!

Blue Latitude Health|12th September 2016

A recent article by Blue Latitude Health’s Talent Assistant, Beth, talked about why we place so much importance on the social side of the working culture. This month, our social committee organised our own bake-off; the GBLHBO, where contestants could enter different bakes and the whole company would ‘judge’ them (anonymously, of course).

After putting out a call for bakers, 12 people ‘rose’ to the challenge, offering up a whole host of tray bakes, cakes, and pastries. From ooey-gooey chocolate brownies to a couple of spectacular layer cakes – the team catered for every possible taste.

After a full day of sampling and judging, the one thing we could all be sure of was that BLH has some great bakers, although most of them have kept it quiet - including our winner, Client Lead Natalie. Her French macarons in three flavours were light, creamy, and delicious – Mary Berry would have been hard pressed to find fault!

Natalie – Memorable Magical Macarons

Our winner of this GBLHBO, Natalie’s macarons in three different flavours. They were crunchy, light, and flavoursome, a winning combination.

Dave – Caketails

Three different alcoholic cocktails in cupcake form. The first version was coffee and Bailey’s flavoured, a second was Jack Daniel’s and Coke, and the last (but certainly not least) a Margarita cupcake with tequila-spiked icing. A great choice for a Thursday afternoon!

Louis – Keanu Reeves

Louis made rich, gooey brownies with walnuts that proved very popular – despite not placing, his brownies were gone by the end of judging!

Ditte – Oreo Milkshake “Cheesecake”

Ditte had a go at making a cheesecake, but making a cheesecake on the hottest day of the year didn’t pan out for her. Over the course of the judging period, it disintegrated into an Oreo-flavoured puddle, but the flavours were so great that it was also gone by the end of the day. 

Victoria – Rocky Roads

Victoria’s dark chocolate rocky roads were perfect for the 3PM sugar dip!

Pany – Finger Nails

With the help of his Grandmother, a Star Baker in her own right, Pany made a delicious Cypriot dish of ‘Finger Nails’ – a pastry filled with pistachios and flavoured with honey and rosewater. 

Eva – Rainbow deluxe

What makes a sunny day with a bake off even better? A rainbow cake, topped with sprinkles, mini meringues and Belgian chocolate. A real showstopper, Eva placed second overall and won the Presentation and Technical categories with her six layer cake.

Chris – 99p Flake

A Runner-up in the ‘Presentation’ category, these “99p Flake ice cream cones” were an entry from Head of Creative Chris. They might look like real 99p cones, but in reality, they were filled with moist cake and topped with a soft, shiny meringue.

Beth – Chocolate Overload

Beth’s Chocolate Overload provided you with enough sugar and chocolate to last a whole day. Filled with Maltesers, Snickers, and marshmallows, this was definitely a good kind of overload. 

Nilu – Checkmate

Nilu’s showstopper took multiple days to bake and assemble, and between the impressive presentation and fantastic flavours, it really showed! Her chequerboard cake was a favourite for taste and wow-factor. 

Mikael – Afternoon Tea in Cancun

A late contender (it arrived 2 hours late!) in our GBLHBO was Mikael’s ‘Afternoon tea in Cancun’. A zesty, fresh loaf cake with tequila lime jelly shots included. 


The first round of Great Blue Latitude Health Bake-Off was a runaway success, with 12 participants and only a few sugar-related casualties. Following the impressive efforts of our bakers, we’re planning to run a winter edition as well, so watch this space as our bakers return in a few months to prove themselves.

We’ve got plenty of room for more bakers in our teams while we keep growing. We’re currently hiring across Strategy, Copywriting, and Account Handling. You can find out more about the specific roles on our Join Us page, where you can also read up on what it’s like to work at Blue Latitude Health.

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