Meet the 2019 Blue Latitude London Marathon team

Jack Reinsfield|23rd April 2019

This year, seven members of the Blue Latitude staff will be competing in the 2019 London Marathon. Our staff members will run the full 26 miles in the name of Bloodwise UK, a charity that is focused on Improving the lives of the 240,000 patients in the UK living with blood cancer, a disease that many members of our staff have a personal connection to.

The team is rallying together with the goal of raising £12,000 for Bloodwise, but for many, this is not just a great opportunity to raise money for charity. It is also a great personal challenge, which by no means will be easy to overcome.

We spoke with each of our BLH marathon runners to learn a bit about what motivates them, and why they are excited about running in the London Marathon this year.


Simon – Commercial Director and Head of Business Development

“The London Marathon is one of the only events where you can run the same race as the best in the world. When you are coming down Birdcage walk in the final mile, the crowd is 10 deep, and people are roaring your name in support. It feels like you’re at Olympics in the final straight…just the motivation you need to get over the line.

“Every year when I see it I am inspired to get involved, and get others involved. I’m really proud that six other members of the team, all first timers were brave enough to take it on. I am lucky enough to have run in the London Marathon before – it’s a special feeling, and one that I’m excited to share with some of my colleagues. The feeling of achievement and emotion far outweighs the pain.”


David Wood – Senior Account Manager

“Running the marathon has always been something on my bucket list – I've always been inspired by the commitment and dedication that people put in, and I've always wanted to rise to the challenge myself. Coupling that goal alongside my passion for healthcare seemed like the perfect alignment of the stars!

“Having worked in blood cancers, I've seen first-hand the importance that new treatments can make for patients, so any way in which I can support the brilliant work that Bloodwise does seems like the best place to focus my efforts.”


Adrian – Associate Consultant

“Running the marathon is important for me because it is a test of my limits – how much I'm willing to push and how far I'm willing to run for others.”


Anagha – Senior Creative Copywriter

“This is my first official long-distance race and I am nervous as well as excited. However, running with an amazing team keeps you inspired and motivated. You go further at every run because you know there’s someone training harder than you. You feed of each other’s energy and enthusiasm, and you feel supported all the way.”


Ditte – Consultant

“I am really excited to be running in the marathon this year and representing Bloodwise. I’m currently doing my MSc in Cell and Gene Therapy at UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health and have seen first-hand how some of the ground-breaking research funded by Bloodwise is saving children's lives.”


Chris – Director and Head of Creative Services

“I was due to run the London Marathon a number of years back, however my son decided to be born at 11:20 the night before, he will be 11 next week and has promised not to cause any trouble this time.”


Emily – Account Manager

“I was excited to take part in the marathon as it's always been a goal of mine, although I've never been a regular runner! This was a great goal to aim towards and got me running regularly (even when on holiday, which I admit was not fun!). It's even more motivating to be doing it for an amazing charity like Bloodwise, especially as I work on a blood cancer treatment.”


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