Hiring at Blue Latitude Health: What do we look for?

Liz Inskip|19th August 2015

I recently interviewed Senior Consultant Craig Moore and Senior Customer Experience Consultant Peter Timmer about what it’s like to work at Blue Latitude Health, and something that became clear in the course of those conversations was that there is definitely a ‘Blue Latitude Health Person’. When it comes to how we hire here, there are a number of things we look for in addition to certain experience and academic backgrounds. With that in mind, I spoke to some of the people in our client-facing functions, who run the interviews themselves – directors, team leads, and heads of capabilities. I asked them to define what they look for in new hires, and what a Blue Latitude Health Person should be like.  

What kind of person does well at Blue Latitude Health?

Head of CX Elisa del Galdo Blue Latitude“People who do well at Blue Latitude Health have a lot in common – some of those attributes include being a continuous learner and having the curiosity to seek out new information and develop new skills. Another trait that is important to be successful at Blue Latitude Health is to be proactive and use initiative.”  – Elisa del Galdo, Head of Customer Experience




Director Martin Blue Latitude"The ideal Blue Latitude Health candidate is a problem solver - but not just any problem solver - they have the ability to look at problems from different angles, and to clearly understand and articulate what data they need to make an informed judgement. Even then, they need to be confident enough to want to prove that their ideas are sound and mature enough to adjust their thinking when new evidence comes to light. Mostly, I like characters. Someone who recognises that they bring something to our business that we may not already have.” – Martin Brass, Managing Director and Co-Founder



Director Chris Blue Latitude"I like to think of our ideal people as having strong views, but remaining open to learning and change.” – Chris Field, Director and Head of Creative Services  




What kind of academic background do we look for at Blue Latitude Health?

Head of CX Elisa del Galdo Blue Latitude"We set the bar pretty high in the CX team at Blue Latitude Health. We look for people who have a foundational education in Human Computer Interaction – research and design at a Master’s level. Due to our work being focussed on pharma and healthcare clients, and the need to understand disease and treatments, we also look for people who have a scientific background. We currently have a team that is made up of people with a diverse number of backgrounds – but with User Experience as the common denominator.” – Elisa del Galdo



Senior Consultant Craig Blue Latitude"Our Associate Consultants tend to come from a wide variety of backgrounds – some have come down the MBA route, some have come from advertising or media, some have worked in strategic roles client side. The important point is that there isn’t a set mould or type of person that we’re looking for – but you do need to know why you’re in front of us and what you think strategy is. It’s less important to me that an Associate Consultant comes from a certain academic background; enthusiasm and aptitude can’t be taught.” – Craig Moore, Senior Strategy Consultant


What else is important to you when you’re deciding whether to hire someone?

Director Chris Blue Latitude"In the Creative Services capability, we have a number of disciplines - scientific writers, creative writers, project managers, art directors, account directors, and artworkers. Each of us has the ability to understand and work with others, but we all see and think about the world in slightly different ways. So we are looking for people who, on the one hand, bring us some specific skills and experiences, yet will also challenge us to think differently, see problems differently, and go about solving them in different ways.” – Chris Field



Senior Consultant James Blue Latitude"They’re an individual that chimes with our company’s core values of collaboration, excellence, and support and will always want to be learning and improving. They’re also likely to be someone who sees connections where others might not.” – James Atherton, Managing Consultant and Head of Talent




Head of Insights Martine Blue Latitude"I look for someone who is good at working in a cross-capability team. It’s important to take the lead from a research perspective and design, advise, challenge, and support colleagues while still being flexible and open to learning, brainstorming, and adapting in a team. It’s not necessarily about being academically gifted, but about being alert, open, curious, engaged, and also rigorous; so that you can uncover the golden nuggets, the fresh perspectives that can make a difference to clients and their businesses.” – Martine Leroy, Head of Insight



Senior Consultant Craig Blue Latitude"I look for someone who is able to project their ideas and thinking. It’s all about the notes in the margins, not the stock answers you give everyone. Those notes in the margins don’t just indicate brightness, they also show personality and how your brain works. I also look for someone who gets their point across quickly and doesn’t waffle on for 20 minutes. It’s important in our business to be able to cut through to the point with clients. If someone is able to keep their own thoughts organised, they’ll be better at communicating them to colleagues and clients.” – Craig Moore


How can an applicant really stand out?

Head of CX Elisa del Galdo Blue Latitude"Passion for their discipline, a deep understanding of the foundational aspects of their chosen profession, and a strong desire to continue to learn and share their learning.” – Elisa del Galdo






Senior Consultant Craig Blue Latitude"I’m interested in how you think, what you think strategy really means, and why you want to work with us.” – Craig Moore  






Head of Insights Martine Blue Latitude"We want to know what insight and strategy really is for you, and why you want to work with our team. Illustrate your answer with examples of what you consider to be insight/strategy; take a position – show us why you’re keen to work with us!” – Martine Leroy





If our senior management and directors have made you feel like Blue Latitude is the right place for you, please get in touch! Even if we’re not hiring immediately for your role, we’re always happy to start having that conversation with the right person. After all, we are a growing company, so there’s a good chance that if we’re not hiring right now, we will be soon!  

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