Freelancing at Blue Latitude Health: What makes us different?

Liz Inskip|14th January 2016

Blue Latitude Health is a creative marketing consultancy. Founded in 2003 by Fred Bassett and Martin Brass as a marketing consultancy with digital expertise, we now work with some of the world’s most influential healthcare brands. From our early days working with companies in the music and digital industries, we have evolved into a healthcare and pharma focussed organisation.

As a creative marketing consultancy, we offer the vision of a consultancy with the creativity of an agency – something quite special in the healthcare and pharma landscape. As a result, we’ve seen some exciting growth over the last two years, and from a team of about 30 at the end of 2014, we have expanded to an astounding 52 full time team members at the start of 2016. In addition to our full-time staff, we currently work with around 10-15 freelancers at any given time across our different capabilities. Many of the freelancers we work with come back to us time and again because they enjoy working with us.

To get a better understanding of why freelancing at Blue Latitude Health is different, we sat down with a few freelancers from across the different teams to ask them.

  • James Birch, Designer – freelance with BLH for 4 months, non-healthcare background
  • Guy Buckland, Copywriter – freelance with BLH for 3 months, healthcare background of 10-15 years
  • Judit Mora, Senior Account Manager – freelance with BLH for 2 months, healthcare background of 3.5 years

We encourage an inclusive, collaborative workplace

One of the recurring themes that came up in our interviews with the freelancers was the inclusive environment at BLH. They all had quite similar things to say about it:

It’s really relaxed here. There’s the usual deadline pressure that you get in agencies, but everyone rubs along together and gets their head down to get it done. Even when the deadlines are tight, it’s not tense. There’s a great, supportive culture here that definitely filters down from management. – James
I don’t feel like a freelancer at Blue Latitude Health. Even the way the office is set up helps to make it feel like I’m a part of the team – it’s modular, flexible, and it’s quite hot-desky. In some agencies, the teams are very compartmentalised, and freelancers are cordoned off in separate areas, but here it feels like we’re all in this together as one team. Guy 
This is a very inclusive environment. There’s no ghettoising of freelancers, and we’re invited to all the company socials – even the holiday party! I feel like a real part of the team here, and the brand team I work with have been incredibly supportive from the first day. Everyone here is welcoming, warm, and goes out of their way to make sure you’re settling in well. There’s no real division between full time employees and freelancers. – Judit 


You’ll never get bored freelancing with Blue Latitude Health

We’ll let the freelancers tell you what we mean by that in their own words:

The workload here is good – it’s very busy, there’s always loads to do, but I’m able to have very open conversations about what is possible with the team. My boundaries and limits as only one human being are respected here. There are high standards, but no one expects me to be super human! – Judit
I find the work here to be varied, and very interesting. I don’t come from a healthcare background, but I’m finding the unique challenges engaging. There’s a great resourcing team here – that’s not true at all agencies/consultancies, sometimes at other places I’ll sit around for an hour or two with nothing to do, but that has never happened here. Amanda (NB: our Resource Manager) is excellent at ensuring that doesn’t happen. – James


Work how you want to work – we’re all adults here

In our chats with the freelancers, they brought up how independently we work at Blue Latitude Health as a real draw for them. It’s not earth-shattering as an approach, but it’s not as common as it should be.

One of the things I really like here is that you guys let me work very autonomously and just get on with it. Often as a freelancer, you can feel a bit like a hired hand and you’re told to do X in exactly Y and Z manner. The work can be very prescriptive. Here, I feel trusted and independent, but I get support if and when I need it. It’s my project, and I do feel a real sense of ownership over it and how it gets done. – Guy
I feel really trusted and independent here. There’s a very positive and productive work environment at Blue Latitude Health – you’re allowed to get on with your work and to work how you work best. If I need to work from home for a day to really focus on a task, I don’t have to worry about hourly calls to ‘check up’ on me. I’m trusted to do it and that makes such a huge difference. – Judit


At the end of the day, freelancers are an important part of our teams at Blue Latitude Health. They bring new eyes to long term projects, new skills to our teams, extra hands when resource is tight, and lively conversation to the lunch hour.


If you’re interested in hearing about our freelance roles at Blue Latitude Health, please get in touch with our talent team! Our active vacancies are listed on the Join Us page, but we’re also always interested in hearing from freelancers across design, project management, account management, copywriting, and strategic planning with a passion for healthcare.

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