Come to work with me: a day in the life of a New York-based Senior Associate Consultant

Leah Carlisle|19th March 2018

Leah Carlisle is a Senior Associate Consultant at Blue Latitude Health, New York. 

I’ve always had a real interest in the psychology of human behaviour and that’s what inspired me to get into advertising. My career started while I was at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. During my studies, I worked as a strategist for consumer ad agencies in London and Nashville. After I finished college, I worked for another agency in Dallas before moving to an agency in New York and transitioning to the healthcare world. I joined Blue Latitude Health in December 2017.

Almost everyone here, like me, is in healthcare for an altruistic reason – they want to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives. That’s why I love working in this industry because we’re really adding value – we can save and transform lives, through the work we do.

I usually wake up at about 8 am, but it can be a bit earlier depending on whether I have meetings with the team in London. Once I’m up and ready, I make a smoothie and walk, bike, or subway to the office (depending on the weather). I usually listen to music or a podcast, or I’ll call one of my friends on my way in – it’s a really positive way to start the day.

“The New York office feels a bit like a start-up – it has a real buzz” 

My day is really varied. I’ll get to work at 9:15 am if I’m working on US-based projects, but I’ll be in as early as 8 am if I’m working with international clients or colleagues. As soon as I arrive, I grab some of the Wework’s (the company that provides our workspace) lovely coffee and fruit infused water. Then I check and respond to emails and Slack messages (our internal instant messenger tool). We’re five-hours behind the UK, so we receive a lot of emails throughout our morning. Next, I’ll update my to-do list and get started on my meetings or work for the day.

I work on a number of projects at the same time. I focus on the projects I’m doing with the London office in the morning, because of the time difference. This means attending meetings remotely and liaising with the Creative and Customer Experience teams. Then, in the afternoon, I’ll catch up with everyone in the New York office and focus on my strategic work. I’ll also take client calls throughout the day.

The New York office feels a bit like a start-up – it has a real buzz and everyone takes on a lot of different roles. At the same time, we’re rapidly growing and we get a high level of resource and support from our robust team in the UK. The US teamwork both independently and collaboratively. We all sit together so it’s easy to keep up with all of the projects, even the ones I don’t necessarily work on, and find out what people are doing personally and professionally.

“A big success was when we flew out to San Francisco to run a strategic workshop for our Janssen client” 

One of my biggest highlights, to date, was flying over to the London office to meet the team in December. I’d just started in my role so the opportunity to fly over to get to know the team was really valuable. I underwent my inductions and attended the holiday party. It was great because I got to know the people I was talking to on the phone and Slack. It made me feel really immersed in the company.

Another highlight was when we flew to San Francisco to run a workshop on updated strategic priorities for our Janssen client. It really helped me to get to know all the internal stakeholders. The workshop met the client’s needs and, importantly, it led to real and purposeful global collaboration and alignment. Gaining alignment and collaboration at a global level can be challenging but we are breaking silos. I love playing a part in workshops and working at different altitudes, with a company, portfolio, and brand.

Not only was it a great workshop, but we also got to spend quality time with our clients and with our colleagues from the London office, who had collaborated with us on the project. San Francisco had been on my list of places to travel to for a while – we explored, ate tons of great food and did some beautiful hikes while we were there.

“The best part of working at BLH is the people. Everyone is incredibly smart, capable and passionate, but they’re also a joy to be around” 

The best part of working at BLH is the people. It sounds clichéd but everyone is incredibly smart, capable and passionate, but they are also a joy to be around. All of the capabilities are united by a truly strategic mindset. I’m challenged and engaged all the time – especially as working in strategy is so central to the way we do things. The insight and thinking that we develop up-front are taken all the way through to the campaigns and services that are delivered. As a strategic planner, seeing all your hard work developed into the end product is really fulfilling and rewarding.

After work, I’ll go out to dinner at some of the great restaurants near our office or near my apartment, or I’ll go for a drink with friends, or attend a dance class. There’s always something to do in NYC. If I don’t have plans, I’ll head straight home to cook, wind down and work on the non-profit I’m part of. It’s called Girls Engineering Change and is focused on exposing girls to STEM by showing them the difference such a career can make to help those in need. On a typical night, I’ll go to bed around midnight, unless I have an early meeting, and then I’ll start all over again at 8 am.

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