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Jack Reinsfield|4th March 2019

Jack Reinsfield sits down with Will Taylor to map his journey at Blue Latitude Health from Account Executive to Senior Account Manager on one of our biggest accounts.

What’s your role at Blue Latitude Health (BLH)?

WT: My role is a Senior Account Manager. I’ve worked on key agency of record accounts (AOR) in Immunology and Oncology and I currently work with a team of eight on one of our largest AOR accounts.

How has your role changed over the course of your time at BLH compared to when you started?

This was my first job in the industry. When I joined as an Account Executive, everything was new to me. I was just grateful to be there and to have a job. Since then, the most important thing has been learning as much as possible from the people around me, as well as increasing my industry-specific knowledge. That helps me to make decisions and talk to clients about things I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to.

In the past, as a junior, I was a person who checked the very fine details of things. Now, I oversee many projects, so I don’t necessarily have the time to do that and I have to coach and trust other people with work. So, I work with a bit more of a light touch over a variety of projects instead of being laser focused on one task.

How has BLH nurtured your development?

As of the last year, I’ve had a new development manager who’s been great and very proactive in helping me succeed. We have official development meetings at least once every 6-months to discuss our progress and outline any new goals, but we’ve also had many informal catch-ups throughout the year.

My development has also been led by the example of the people I worked with. So, my first boss had a very high level of quality control and did not let things slip, which I learned a lot from. Following him, I worked with another Senior Account Director who gave me the opportunity to take many projects on myself and do all of the talking about them with the client and with the wider team. That gave me confidence in talking and directing people, as well as delegating work and making decisions about what the people I was working with should be doing.

So yes, it was partly down to task and goal setting from development managers. But it was also those two role models who both had distinctly different ways of working that contributed to me hopefully being quite well-rounded.

Do you take part in any of the free team training sessions that Blue Latitude provides?

Yes, I probably do about three or four group trainings a year. Currently I’m on client development, which the business has volunteered certain people to go on. It’s done in the offices (we have both a New York and London office) so that’s really good. It teaches us all about driving new business and talking to clients, which is really relevant for my role.

What has been the key to your success at BLH?

I think Blue Latitude is a great environment in terms of managers taking an interest and helping out with your development – they definitely do facilitate that. However, a lot of it comes from personal situations as well and personal desire. I feel like I have been lucky with the teams I have worked with and the mix of autonomy and guidance my managers have allowed. I also think a big part of my success has been a healthy personal desire to succeed. So, yeah, when you combine those two factors, you know, a good personal drive plus great managers that want you to succeed– it’s a good recipe for success.

What is your favourite part about working at Blue Latitude?

My favourite thing about working here is the people, learning from each other and contributing what we can to deliver successful projects that lead to more work.

At Blue Latitude Health we have a variety of structures in place to make sure employees feel they are getting the most out of their role, have plenty of support, and a clear pathway when it comes to evolving their career. Do you want to join our growing team? Take a look at our current roles in London and New York.

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