Blue Latitude Health takes on the London Triathlon for Macmillan Cancer Support

Blue Latitude Health|7th August 2015

Blue Latitude Health is a healthcare and pharmaceutical strategic marketing consultancy, and part of our day-to-day work involves working closely with oncology healthcare professionals and patients to understand their experiences. Through this work, we've come to appreciate the amazing work that Macmillan Cancer Support do in supporting patients and their families through difficult times. Because we care so deeply about the work Macmillan do, Blue Latitude Health has formed a London Triathlon team that will participate this Saturday, 8th August. The team has been hand-picked, is dedicated, and has huge potential. (And what we lack in athletic prowess, we more than make up for in determination.) Running, swimming, and cycling under the Blue Latitude Health banner, our team for 2015 is:

Getting silly for Macmillan

So far, the combined fundraising efforts of the team total just over £1500, including the cash raised by our “Office Triathlon” event earlier this week. We hula-hooped, had a mini table tennis tournament, and ‘rowed’ in office chairs (to the horror of our First-Aiders) to stump up some cash for Macmillan. Here are just a few snaps of the chaos:

Peter and Sarah hula hooping in the first round of action

David serving to Elisa in the first table tennis match

Andy gets moral support during his table tennis match against Manoj

Manoj returns the serve in his table tennis match against David

The story behind the race: why we’re breaking ourselves for Cancer Support

Each member of the team is running for a different reason, here are just some of the stories behind the Blue Latitude Health team:

Earlier this year, I lost one of the most caring and loving people I was fortunate to have as part of my life: my mother, Jackie. Seven years after her initial diagnosis, bravely enduring surgery, chemo, and radiotherapy, my mum sadly passed away on 12th April 2015. Cancer doesn’t just take lives; it tries to destroy them. Every day is a battle for sufferers and their families. But although the force of cancer is strong, the courage and strength within people is stronger. Macmillan support people and their families through the huge emotional and physical burden cancer causes ensuring that no one has to face it alone. Despite her own ill health Mum was constantly raising money for charities including Macmillan. I really hope I can continue to keep up her good work but I need your help. – Jenna

Nat (left) and Jenna (right) before the big race on 8th August.

You know the story. The fittest person you know casually asks for sponsorship because they're undertaking some super-human endeavour. Thing is, you just know they'll enjoy it. This isn't that story. I hate swimming. I'm positively dangerous on a bike. And I haven't run for a bus in years. Which is why I'm participating in the London Triathlon on Saturday 8th. I'm embracing this madness because I'm raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support. When my dad was so very ill with Multiple Myeloma, the Macmillan nurses were just magnificent - caring not just for my dad, but for my mum as well. That was a long time ago, but my gratitude for the care they provided will be with me forever. Please give generously. PS: I'm doing the 'Super Sprint'. That's a 400m swim, 10km bike ride and a 2.5km run. I'll be lucky if I survive the swim. - Fred

From left: David, Mette, Fred, Nat, and Jenna from the 2015 Blue Latitude London Triathlon team pre-race.

Cancer is one of those scary words that you hope never affects you, your family, or your friends. Sadly, it's affected both my family and friends. Last year I lost my first friend to cancer. Sophie was 27 and lost her battle to Hodgkin's Lymphoma. 27 is too young to lose someone so special. Earlier this year, a friend's mother also passed away from metastatic breast cancer. And about eight years ago, my father managed to overcome prostate cancer and is now living healthy at the age of 77. And because of this, I’m raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support. - Natalie

From left: Mette, Mike, Simon, and David after the race - well done, team!

None of us have taken on the triathlon at our chosen distances before. We have never strung these three events together. We have little experience of swimming in open water. Our main objective is survival and to raise money for MacMillan.

Please dig deep to support an organisation that gives so much support to others.

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 Updated 10th August 2015 with photos from the event - the team successfully completed all events at the London Triathlon! Well done, team! Please do continue donating - we are still collecting donations for Macmillan Cancer Support and are 84% of the way to our goal as of today.


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