A day in the life of a Medical Copywriter

Blue Latitude Health|6th February 2020

How would you describe your role?

The role of a Medical Copywriter is essentially a hybrid of a Medical Writer and a Creative Copywriter. It enables you to deep dive into the heavy science behind a medicine, understand it, and rewrite it in a more creative way – a way that your consumer will relate to. It’s a role where you can make real data and real science, understandable and engaging.

What kind of person do you need to be for this role?

It is perfectly suited for someone who loves learning about science and has a knack for applying creative thinking to all walks of life. A degree in a scientific subject is definitely a huge help, not only for the fundamental knowledge you gain but also learning how to analyse scientific journals and reference correctly (a big must!).

Why did you apply for this role?

For me, the two subjects I have always loved are science and art – they were the classes I always looked most forward to in secondary school, and I would love to sketch during my free time. Back when I was choosing A level topics, I was unsure how art could help me in the future, so I threw my all into science which made up two of my A levels at sixth form (biology and chemistry). Out of the two, biology was my true calling, so I went on to study a BSc in Biomedical Science at University. However, once I finished university, I realised I didn’t have a clue about my career options other than becoming a doctor or working in a lab. So, in hopes of opening up more job prospects, I decided to study an MSc in Management of IT. I enjoyed it but soon realised how much I missed learning about science, and from then I knew I wanted it to be an integral part of my future career.

It wasn’t until I’d finished my education and made a LinkedIn page that I discovered this type of role existed. I was approached by a recruiter who introduced me to the world of healthcare advertising, and that’s when I realised this was the type of role for me. A role where I could really blend my two passions, science and creativity.

What makes the role here different to other places?

The role at BLH really stood out to me compared to other places I’ve worked at/was considering interviewing at. The two main things were:

1. Career development: This is a huge focus for BLH, every employee is provided with a designated development manager (as well as your usual line manager) and an annual £1,000 training budget to spend on courses and events they feel will benefit their role

2. Attitude towards work: Some agencies like creating beautiful pieces of work that don’t always put a client’s interests first. BLH has a big focus on creating ‘work that works’ – beautiful pieces of creative that are always suited to a genuine need.

Within just one year of working at BLH, I’ve felt my skills and career grow more than anywhere else I’ve been. I’ve developed a much better understanding of agency-client relationships and created work I’ve been truly proud of.

What is your typical day?

Due to the nature of the role, each day can be so varied – on Monday you could be analysing clinical trial data for a multiple myeloma drug, and on Tuesday you could be sketching out concept ideas for a creative pitch on antibiotics.

The first thing I do when I get into the office is to grab some fruit (provided free every morning) and a hot drink, then settle down to check my schedule for the day. This could consist of a full day’s work on one brand, or it could be split up into different projects. It could be a day of brainstorming ideas with an art director, a day of complete writing, or a day full of client meetings and briefings. It is very project (and client) dependent, but that keeps it interesting.

Something you’re proud of?

I’m very proud of a number of projects I’ve completed at BLH, each for different reasons. I’ve had projects that have had challenging timelines with late changes to a brief, and other projects that have allowed my creativity to go wild. Having full ownership of a piece of work and seeing it through to fruition makes me that much prouder of the result.

In the creative department at BLH, we have weekly meetings where you’re encouraged to show off any work you are especially proud of. It’s such a supportive environment and you are truly given the credit you deserve.

What about the social side?

During my year at BLH, I’ve attended a summer party at the Barbican Conservatory, a Christmas party at The Vaults (which included an amazing drag act), and countless creative lunches at some of the nicest places to eat in the area. In the creative team, everyone’s birthday is always celebrated with doughnuts/cake (all suited to our many dietary requirements) and we even have our own office sea monkeys!

All in all, BLH has a nice, social atmosphere that makes you feel really at home.

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