A day in the life of a Managing Director

Blue Latitude Health|11th November 2014

Have you ever wondered what it is like to work at Blue Latitude Health?

We sat down with our Managing Director, Martin Brass, to find out more about what a typical day is like for him at Blue Latitude Health:  

What time do you wake up usually?

I haven’t used an alarm clock in years. I am woken up at the same time most days a little before 6am by the sound of small children looking to play or (more often) for breakfast.

What’s your morning routine? 

If you think that my schedule at work is full… I feed the kids, get them ready for school, (on most days) I do the school run, which involves a series of bus and train rides. I get very good value out of my Oyster card. (Since I stopped having breakfast I have lost a few pounds too!)

How do you get to work?

Planes, trains and automobiles! (but mostly buses)

What time do you usually arrive in the office?

I always plan to be here at 9:30, but I start work once I have had my first cup of java.

What’s the first thing you usually do when you sit at your desk?

I try and get as much of my email done on the way into work. I can’t start my day without a black coffee at my desk.

What’s a typical morning for you?

The great thing about my job is that nothing is typical.

What music do you listen to whilst working?

I love music and it plays an important part in my life. Work and music are mutually exclusive for me. I can’t do both at the same time; If there’s a battle, the music always wins.

Do you work through lunch or go out?

Both. I like to go for a walk to get lunch though.

Do you buy lunch daily or bring something in?

I do like to cook, and I’m often amazed at some of the meals that some people bring in, but I have never found the time to make my own lunch.

What’s the first thing you do after lunch?

I think about dinner!

What’s a typical afternoon for you?

Again, nothing is typical, it could be anything!

What are the common challenges you face each day?

Blue Latitude Health is a business that’s all about our people, so most of my challenges are human in nature.

What time do you typically finish work?

I like to be home by 7:00pm in time to put the little kids in bed (I wish I could go to bed then too!)

How do you unwind from a day at work?

To relax, I try to play guitar or piano at least 30 minutes each day.

What are your must-read websites that you visit daily?

I get my news from various sources depending on which topics I am currently searching for.  I still visit the BBC most days as well as the Guardian and Independent. For health related news, I rely on my Google alerts.    


Martin Brass - Managing Director 

Martin continues to grow and develop a team passionate about using technology to power business success for our clients. Martin began his career in the music business where it quickly became apparent that digital technology was going to change everything. Importantly, he could see that this trend wasn’t just apparent in music but would affect all industries spanning everything from creation to consumption. This realisation led him to co-found Blue Latitude in 2002 to help organisations take advantage of digital technology to build businesses, drive innovation and create engagement with customers. 

Fundamental to Blue Latitude Health’s success is Martin’s belief that the customer should always be at the centre of everything we do. Out of work he can still be found playing the piano and guitar and sharing his love of music with his young sons.

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