Nuffield Health

Nuffield Health developed a free personalised, digital coach to help users lead a healthier lifestyle. However, the mobile app was not motivating and it was difficult to use. The team needed our help to redesign the app to meet corporate strategy goals and better engage users, inspiring them to monitor and change their health and fitness behaviour for the better.


Our approach was grounded in business research to help us realise the organisation's wider vision for embedding the app. We also undertook consumer research to better understand how users follow, manage and stick to a health and fitness routine. To ensure Nuffield Health reached its goals, our team:

  • Created comprehensive user journeys and personas, which informed our content strategy and behaviour change strategy
  • Capitalised on our customer experience and user interface expertise to develop the visual design and animation, which we based on iterative insight
  • Employed an agile development approach to progress from low fidelity to high fidelity interactive mobile designs.


The visually appealing and easy to use app resulted in more users achieving their goals and staying engaged in their health and wellbeing regime.

I was very impressed by the team's ability to connect the big, strategic picture with the practical choices we could make as an operating company. Blue Latitude Health ensured we accurately understood the future of healthcare in the UK and helped us decide what direction we wanted to take.



The landscape of healthcare has changed. So have we.

Blue Latitude Health is now Fishawack Health

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