Mobile wellness application

We improved the performance and interface design of a health and wellbeing application, and in doing so increased customer engagement and decreased attrition.

Mobile Wellness Application - Blue Latitude Health

Client challenges

  • Unclear communication of how the HealthScore (based on clinical data) was created and influenced by user’s activity and reporting of sleep, nutrition, and emotion - resulting in user confusion, dissatisfaction and a high incident of disengagement.
  • The existing design did not incorporate behavioural change design to motivate users and help them through pain points and barriers and encourage long term use.
  • The user interface design: interaction, visual design and navigation, was poor, resulting in usability issues and an inability to influence behaviour change.

Our approach

Stakeholder research

We conducted qualitative research with business stakeholders to understand their objectives, and how HealthScore fits into a wider business vision.

Customer research

We conducted qualitative interviews with users to understand in detail how they follow, manage, and adhere to a health and exercise regime.

Customer engagement, content strategy and user interface

We developed user journeys, personas, content strategy, behaviour change strategy, messaging, information flow, visual design, and animation based on iterative user insight.

Iterative design and evaluation

We implemented and evaluated (via representative users) tactical interim changes based on expert review and agile development of low fidelity progressing to high fidelity interactive mobile designs.