Cardiovascular patient portal

We researched, designed and developed a patient-centric website to inform and educate patients about how to prevent atrial fibrillation, and be more knowledgable about the therapy area when visiting their doctor.

Cardiovascular Portal - Blue Latitude Health

Client challenges

  • Existing website focused on advocates not patients
  • Content did not address both rational and emotional needs of patients
  • Content was not written to educate, inform, and engage patients on how to prevent Atrial Fibrillation or discuss treatment options with their doctor
  • Site not designed for different devices.

Our approach

Stakeholder research

We conducted qualitative interviews with advocates across different regions to understand objectives, outcomes and KPI’s. Also with patients and their carers’ to gather insights about how they view their condition and the available treatment options.

Customer engagement and content strategy

We developed patient journey, personas, content strategy, and information flow/architecture.

Iterative design and evaluation

We implemented and evaluated tactical interim changes based on expert review and development of low fidelity progressing to high fidelity responsive designs.

Creative, content and technical development

We designed and produced assets including patient and care videos, patient stories, and a responsive website.

Optimisation and promotion

We created and delivered a full media plan, KPI dashboard and optimisation plan.