Creating an oncology service that puts patients first

Research told us there were limited resources for meeting the psychological and emotional needs of patients diagnosed with late onset Prostate Cancer and their carers.

The relationship between patients and healthcare professionals varied across markets and so did patients' online capability. What remained consistent was the limited time patients' and carers had to explore their emotional needs.


We knew the best way to provide differentiation and loyalty for our client's product was to meet the specific needs of both patients and carers:

  • We mapped the patient journey and carried out extensive user testing across different markets with patients, carers and healthcare professionals.
  • Service strategy development played an important role and we conducted market opportunity workshops and service blueprint planning.
  • We developed brand concepts and employed iterative design and evaluation to create the patient portal.
  • The final project consisted of multichannel patient and carer supporting materials, including a set of Flashdeck cards, a website, and multichannel patient and carer materials to facilitate important, challenging conversations.


The project is currently in field, however, preliminary evaluations have been extremely promising based on KPI benchmarks set against initial service. Four hundred packs have been ordered in the first four months since the launch of the pilot.

I'm thinking of my patients and loving this. Honestly I think it is superb. I'm really impressed.


The landscape of healthcare has changed. So have we.

Blue Latitude Health is now Fishawack Health

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