Preparing for a global launch of a prostate cancer product

The global team at a major pharmaceutical brand were launching a new prostate cancer product. They wanted to share the scientific research, market research and strategic documents with their regions and local markets. However, there were more than 70 documents, which were difficult to search and had not been consistently updated.

Additionally, the team wanted to communicate the market opportunity, global objectives and timeframes but had limited face-to-face time and money to do so.


To ensure the information was communicated effectively:

  • We reviewed, analysed and consolidated all of the customer and market data to draw out the key insights and communicate the strategic direction.
  • We developed a guidebook, including a brand narrative and story, as well as multimedia content and interactive elements for the market background document.
  • Our team undertook all elements of the compliance review, taking into account variations for the different regions.
  • We continue to update the guidebook on a bi-annual basis.


The local teams felt confident and motivated. This enabled them to develop outstanding local plans, which were aligned to the global goals and milestones. 

After the guidebook was released, the relationship between the regional and global teams became more aligned and the global team also saved time and money, while reducing waste. Now, the guidebook is ‘best practice’ within the global organisation.

Thank you for this comprehensive and timely resource for our launch preparation efforts for this new product. Great job.

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