Inspiring behaviour change around paediatric vaccines

The company wanted to transform their approach to new vaccine sales by driving a culture of customer-centricity across the organisation. However, the sales team had little knowledge of how the theory and practice of behaviour change could support their interactions with customers.

To add to the challenge, the competitive landscape meant that reps would have to change a 10-year pattern of behaviour around prescribing paediatric vaccines.


To solve this problem, we conducted behaviour psychology workshops and intense sales team training courses. Here’s what we did:

  • Created and presented a keynote at the launch summit on leveraging behavioural psychology and the value of customer centricity to address the challenges
  • Developed and ran a workshop for senior European management to help them apply the principles to their customers’ prescribing behaviour
  • Created a training course for the sales teams based on the keynote and workshop material.


The presentation aligned 90 leaders across the company. It helped them focus on customer-centricity and showed them how this can drive behaviour change for a vaccine launch in a highly competitive market.

The principles of the presentation were effectively embedded through the workshop and training.

The landscape of healthcare has changed. So have we.

Blue Latitude Health is now Fishawack Health

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