A global medical content strategy for a top 10 pharma company

Innovative customer-centricity

There was a lack of collaboration across medical functions and a lack of alignment across the existing internal processes. This resulted in a suboptimal customer experience and significant internal inefficiencies.


To solve these challenges, we:

  • Mapped current and future trends and informational needs for HCPs and patients, and a trends analysis was performed to future-proof the strategy
  • Conducted a situation and internal analysis, which included interviewing 16 stakeholders, across roles and levels of seniority, to understand the current approach to content development and dissemination
  • Developed two customer journeys for the pilot – which focused on two therapy areas and mapped HCP and patient interactions, barriers and pain points – and an internal journey highlighting internal process, opportunities and challenges
  • Developed a design thinking workshop with 20 colleagues from across medical functions and territories
  • Co-created a customer-centric strategy and roadmap, including priority initiatives and commercials that triggered the necessary changes needed to deliver on strategic pillars
  • Created a post-workshop video communicating the purpose of the project, which was used for internal communications and drove buy-in across the organisation.


The strategy was shared broadly and rapidly with the CEO and the multiple leadership teams.

The post-workshop video, re-used in multiple contexts, helped maximise the impact and reach of the strategy. It was seen by over 250 medical directors and more than 100 local medical information professionals.

The strategy is now approved by senior leadership teams and moving into the implementation phase.

The customer journey maps are fantastic and the themes that arose resonated with everyone in my group. Super high-value meeting yesterday.


The landscape of healthcare has changed. So have we.

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