Global positioning in a crowded oncology market

Ensuring differentiation and inspiring the internal teams

A ‘me too product’ was launching across four indications, five years after the main competitor.

There was a lack of buy-in amongst regional teams, and a multitude of changes were expected in the market through the five-year launch period.


We knew that to ensure the product stood out from the crowd, we needed to base our strategy on robust insight. Here’s how we tackled this challenge:

  • We started by conducting thorough primary research, including qualitative interviews across regions with HCPs to discuss market drivers and expected changes
  • We provided market development scenarios allowing positioning to be framed at the market level, not just within a class
  • Iterative concept development was crucial, so we enabled the strategy and insight teams to work collaboratively, ensuring agility throughout the development and testing period
  • We conducted a market shaping workshop, inspiring regional involvement and buy-in and increasing investment
  • We also up-skilled the medical team to improve understanding of the nature and benefits of commercial positioning
  • We increased ownership of positioning approach locally, taking into consideration regional differences.


The strategy was a success, with the global positioning direction well-defined and well-received across the regions. As a result of the positioning approach, one registration trial was re-designed and a wider clinical development and data-collection plan was defined and developed to support the positioning strategy.

I have really enjoyed working with you all and I am really happy with outcome.


The landscape of healthcare has changed. So have we.

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