Multiple Myeloma

Developing a creative pre-launch strategy for a multiple myeloma treatment

The competitive market in multiple myeloma treatment was braced for significant change and our client had a first-to-market brand launching in 2016. We were tasked to deliver a multi-stakeholder engagement strategy and plan, executed across multiple channels online and offline across EMEA.


This campaign truly illustrates the collaborative nature of our work, combining our expertise in insight, strategy and creative to develop a successful launch. To solve the client's challenges we:

  • Carried out significant research across all of the EMEA countries, which proved crucial for understanding the key stakeholders and what had been learned so far
  • Developed three learning journeys to map stakeholder's beliefs, perceptions and behaviours around new treatments
  • Provided clear simplified segmentation and an engagement plan
  • Created a set of distinct creative and resonating key messages, which were tailored to stakeholder's context and needs, while working across all channels in the EMEA region
  • Designed a new visual motif to enhance the brand and create visual consistency throughout the entire multichannel campaign.


At the time of launch, 95% of the haematologist target audience were aware of the mode of action and associated it with the client and 65% of the entire target audience were aware of the product.

We are delighted with the success of the pre-launch campaign, which has been uniformly adopted by markets.


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