Immuno-oncology launch strategy for UK market

We developed a robust, simple and actionable strategy for the UK market based on comprehensive research-driven insight, in order to deliver value to both oncologists and nurses.

Immuno-oncology Launch Strategy - Blue Latitude Health

Client challenges

  • The client needed a robust, simple and actionable strategy for the UK
  • The global assets would be not be developed in time or be applicable to the UK market
  • Additional collateral was required for nurses – a key stakeholder in the UK – as well as oncologists
  • Resources were stretched, with no experience of the specific indication in the UK team.

Our approach

Primary research

We conducted research with nurses to understand their environment and day-to-day challenges.

We adapted and supplemented European research on the information seeking needs and environment of oncologists in UK.

Personas and customer journey mapping

We provided environment mapping, personas, and learning journey for nurses and oncologists before and after launch, and pre and post prescription.

Strategy and planning

We developed material and ran workshops to collaboratively develop integrated multichannel strategy and service design that could be realistically implemented.

Implementation toolkit

For successful implementation we provided content development guidance, detailed tactical plans and practical delivery guidance.