Developing multichannel capability across the Asia region and markets

Building multichannel skills within cross-functional teams across brands and markets

A leading pharmaceutical company was facing a number of challenges from limited multichannel capability at a regional, market and brand level, including a lack of benchmarks for multichannel capability within the region.

To solve this problem, we developed multichannel excellence training for cross-functional teams across the organisation’s Asian network. This included creating a comprehensive change management and multi-channel approach.


To ensure high engagement and buy-in across the region, it was crucial to understand the cultural sensitivities across the region.  We worked at local and regional levels to assess the internal and existing brand planning processes and conducted a series of workshops to develop a truly integrated multichannel approach. Here’s how we did it: 

  • Our approach was based on a strong foundation of insight, so we conducted stakeholder interviews and analysed the internal capabilities, gaps, and potential barriers. This helped us benchmark the multichannel marketing capability at a regional level and for each of the four markets
  • We conducted multichannel and marketing capability training at a company and brand level for each local market
  • To ensure the multichannel strategy was fully adopted in local markets, we developed brand multichannel plans and provided support and documentation.


We successfully developed a multichannel approach that facilitated regular communication between local brand teams, market leads and regional leads.

The updated compliance process endorsed the assets and content preferred by customers. The exercise also increased cross-functional integration in planning and executing customer focused activity.

The on-going support and easy-to use documentation the team created ensured that multichannel marketing was fully adopted in local markets.


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