Lilly Medical Cascade

Developing a groundbreaking medical information cascade

Global medical information requests to Eli Lilly had grown 7% per year since 2008 and new product launches were putting a huge strain on call centres.

Lilly tasked us with developing a strategy and building a future-facing solution to deliver medical information at the point of need in a meaningful, timely, relevant and compliant manner.


We combined SEO tactics, user-centred design and a training course, for medical content writers, making this approach the first of its kind:

  • We delivered a state-of-the-art medical information portal by employing search engine optimisation (SEO) in an innovative way; this meant we were able to match each specific medical information request with specific answers in the portal.
  • Our strategy was based on primary research across ten different countries, helping us to understand the key questions asked by healthcare professionals, which informed our customer environment maps and the concepts for the cascade.
  • Compliance is an important issue in pharma so we developed a legal and compliance strategy, as well as a framework for investment, to ensure the service stringently met local regulations.
  • We optimised the service for multiple products, languages and regional regulatory environments.
  • We developed measurement and optimisation frameworks, as well as an automatic dashboard, to evaluate and improve the service.


In the past, responding to medical information requests was a costly, time consuming experience, involving call centres, 15-page letters, medical advisors and long waiting times. Now, HCPs can get the information they need reliably and efficiently right at the point of need.

In the first full year post launch, the Medical Cascade provided more than 23,000 answers to medical information requests via the online portal at a significantly reduced cost. It also achieved 94% user satisfaction and it has inspired other pharmaceutical manufacturers aiming to deliver medical information.

With the fast paced environment at the pharmacy, the ability to immediately access this information by simply searching in Google, and with the assurance of a reliable source, helps me deliver better advice and care to my patients in real time. In my opinion, we should have this service available for all approved medicines.


The landscape of healthcare has changed. So have we.

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