Launching an HCP portal in Europe

From launch to promotion and optimisation

Our client had more than 350 websites that needed to be consolidated on a single platform. There was limited regional and country resource to build, roll out and manage the portal.

The teams had limited experience of challenges related to healthcare professional permission-based marketing. Specific support was needed in measuring, monitoring and optimising marketing activities and implementing updates.


To live up to this colossal task, we had to base our strategy on rich customer insight. We began by conducting user and stakeholder research, which provided the foundation for the wider strategy and creative and technical roll out. We:

  • Established user needs created personas and delivered an on-going customer/stakeholder satisfaction survey
  • Developed strategic objectives, KPIs, and roadmaps based around customer services
  • Recommended, and assisted in the selection of, new partners for development and hosting
  • Managed creative and technical development
  • Put an effective measurement and optimisation in place, including setting up and managing the integrated analytics and customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Developed ongoing performance reviews and attribution analysis.


We successfully rolled out end-to-end service from launch right through to promoting and optimising the portalacross endocrinology, oncology, and psychiatry across 27 countries in 3 years.

By the end of this period Customer satisfaction scores for the portal averaged at 8.5/10; permission captures exceeded 50% of target HCPs across Europe and there was a 38% reduction in cost per interaction and a 34% reduction in cost-per-visit

Blue Latitude Health’s expertise, insight and energy delivered an exceptional result whilst adhering to aggressive timelines.



The landscape of healthcare has changed. So have we.

Blue Latitude Health is now Fishawack Health

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