Customer focused planning

We collaborated with the UK leadership team to apply a structured approach to addressing the needs of the internal and external customer, building a culture of ‘customer obsession’ over brand at a local level, and enabling the delivery of a strong and consistent customer engagement strategy.

Client challenges

  • Marketing teams were prioritising brand needs over customer needs.
  • There was a lack of knowledge around customers and emerging digital trends.
  • No frameworks existed around utilising customer insight and multichannel planning.

Our approach

Primary research

We undertook research with 24 internal stakeholders to understand current understanding, maturity and process around the customer.

Strategy and roadmap

We developed a strategy that focussed on four areas to deliver excellent customer experience, and developed a two-year roadmap of how to get there.

Developed customer content

We recruited, filmed, and edited four customer videos and recruited and developed four inspirational seminars about emerging technology.

Developed and ran a large workshop

We developed and ran all aspects of a workshop on customer-obsessed planning for 150 attendees.