Brand planning for a US-based diabetes brand

Uniting a team with one strategy

An overwhelming amount of tactics were planned for the launch throughout the year and across multiple functions. However, a lack of overall vision meant the team struggled to comprehend the interdependencies or the potential synergies across tactics and align them objectively.


We identified opportunities for interactions and interdependencies between projects and improved the strategy, going above and beyond to fill gaps in tactics, address strategic drives and define critical initiatives. To do this we:

  • Conducted an audit of the customer, environmental and competitive insights and consolidated each function’s plans in single-view calendar format
  • In order to assess individual plans and identify areas of optimisation and efficiencies, we ran a workshop with the 200-strong, cross-functional brand team
  • Developed a scenario plan for competitor and customer developments to identify areas of focus
  • To anchor our discussions, we researched and presented forthcoming events, including new entrants, new data, and congresses, to name a few
  • Helped individual functions present their plans for the year, using a consistent format
  • Ensured groups plotted tactics onto a view that contained a calendar and strategic drivers, this was then used to find interdependencies and synergies between projects
  • Created documentation for capturing the integrated cross-functional plan, and also provided short-, mid- and long-term action plans.


With a clear prioritisation of evidence generation, market access and marketing efforts, we helped the company develop an externally robust brand launch plan while optimising the $155 million budget.

Thanks for your great work. The cross-functional plans are brilliant and integral to us moving forwards.



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