Global launch in the competitive urology market

Displacing a market leader through a multichannel launch across 20 countries

Our client’s urology brand was launching against a strong incumbent. They needed our help in driving multichannel activities for a product launching in more than 20 countries.

However, the team’s multichannel knowledge and environment varied by market and there was a limited culture of measurement and optimisation. To add to the challenge, there was a lack of internal knowledge sharing.


We worked with the global, regional and local teams to plan and execute the digital launch and support on-going multichannel activities. To achieve this, we: 

  • Carried out a situational analysis in each market, focused on the digital landscape
  • Developed a patient-centric, rather than product-centric, positioning and emotional (as well as clinical) creative execution
  • Created global digital campaigns, working with third party sites as well as owned platforms
  • Rolled out tailored training and on-demand support to global affiliates
  • Optimised the campaign by running regular digital reviews, reporting at a market, regional and global level through an integrated dashboard, recommending improvements to drive improved performance and consistency.


We not only launched the product successfully, with 36 campaigns over 20 markets, we eventually displaced the established market leader in urology.

Over the time period, treatment information views increased by 237% and cost per-treatment information was reduced by 85%. We also achieved an NPS score of 90-100 for our capability workshops.

Your team delivered across the board – from the global strategy right through to the meticulous way you assisted with the affiliate roll out. Thank you.


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