Inspiring future marketers

Encouraging a new mindset and approach to learning

The company wanted their marketers to be leaders and not just in the sector but in the wider marketing discipline. However, our client noticed their marketers were focused on their daily tasks but not on developments outside their company or sector.

Organisation-wide personal development and learning goals were not being met. We knew we had to foster a culture of learning and leadership beyond the sector.


Here’s what we did: 

  • Linked inspiring content to development objectives by identifying marketing trends that were critical for future organisational success and defining learning objectives for marketers across the world
  • Created a curated content library that addressed and linked to the identified learning objectives
  • Conducted immersive interactive webinars, which delivered learning in an interactive, workshop-style webinar setting, in order to immerse marketers in topics and challenge them to think differently. We provoked ideas about how the inspiring content could be applied to everyday practice
  • Monitored content performances to ensure on-going success , including continually measuring and optimising to promote popular content and improve the learning experience.


The programme is ongoing and the company is on target to reach its world-class marketers’ two-year goal.

The company now fosters an environment with a completely new mindset and approach towards learning that embeds a ‘customer-need-based behaviour change approach’ through example and inspiration.

By connecting learning to the planning calendars and real scenarios, engagement has also improved significantly. 

We have a very ambitious programme objective: to change the way our global marketers learn and develop. The new e-Learning platform helps us achieve world class results!


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