Regulations and Compliance

At Blue Latitude Health, a large part of our work hinges on our ability to operate effectively within strict regulatory environments and adhere to compliance requirements.

This is where you’ll find our commentary, articles, and resources around how we work within those complex regulatory environments while achieving the best outcomes for our clients.


How to design patient services with social media within the ABPI code guidelines

Craig Moore | 20th May 2015

In this blog, Senior Consultant Craig Moore, from the Blue Latitude Health Strategy team, discusses the application of the ABPI Code, including incorporating social media into digital patient services.

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Not all data is created equal

Guest Blogger | 19th March 2015

Following on from our Top 7 Trends in Pharma Marketing for 2015 post, it is clear that the pharma marketing trends we expect to transform the healthcare sector are easier said than done.

Aurélie Pols from Mind Your Privacy has written this guest blog to talk about the first steps you need to take when considering data privacy and security.

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Is the future of pharma marketing in our DNA?

Mark Assenti | 17th February 2014

Customer data is collected and used by almost every marketing department globally to better target audiences, so is it now time to take the next step, and add DNA to the pharma marketing mix? Mark Assenti explores the ethical and scientific issues behind genetic marketing.

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