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The ‘digital health revolution’ is here: What pharma needs to know

Simon Young | 24th June 2015

Director and Head of Commercial Simon takes us through some of the key themes of the Financial Times Digital Health Summit in London, outlining and expanding on where we feel the industry is heading as we get closer to the ‘digital health revolution’.

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How do you solve a problem like non-adherence? (Part II)

Elisa del Galdo | 28th May 2015

Following her previous piece on patient medical non-adherence, Head of Customer Experience Elisa del Galdo takes a look at the different patient personas that emerge during the diagnosis and treatment pathway. Download her sketchnote of the three personas and read about how to design services for unengaged patients.

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The elephant in the room

Blue Latitude Health | 19th February 2015

Senior Associate Consultant Mette talks about her role as a carer in her partner's journey as a diabetes patient, and how empowered carers can contribute greatly to patients’ quality of life. 

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