Perspective: the patient edition

Blue Latitude Health|8th April 2020

During the last decade, we have witnessed the rise of the empowered patient, who takes control over his or her health and is less reliant on healthcare professionals.

This has driven another trend – value-based care, which has caused pharmaceutical companies to move away from a product-centric approach and focus instead on patient outcomes.

In this issue of Perspective magazine, we explore how the industry can place a greater emphasis on patient-centricity, and how pharmaceutical companies are working with patients across the product lifecycle to develop therapies that better serve their unmet needs.

Download the magazine to learn:

• A patient’s view on how pharma can be more patient-centric

• Tips on patient engagement

• The importance of rational and emotional creative campaigns

• The ALS patient journey

• An article on CAR-T service design

• Thought provoking content on clinical trial access and the social determinants of healthcare, and on precision and personalised medicine.


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