Fishawack Health launches Delta Magazine

Blue Latitude Health|17th November 2020

In 2018, Blue Latitude Health joined Fishawack Health. As a leading commercialization partner for the life science industry, Fishawack Health’s mission is to shape and affect connections between people and life-enhancing therapies, empowering them with the knowledge and the motivation needed to improve outcomes.

Delta magazine helps us deliver on this mission by sharing our knowledge and exploring opportunities for life science companies to innovate across the drug lifecycle. In each edition of the magazine, our scientific, strategic, and creative experts will share the knowledge they have gained working with trailblazers in the life science industry.

We will also reveal exclusive stories from the stakeholders such as patients and key opinion leaders, and we will shine a light on companies shaping the future of healthcare.

Rare disease unpacked

In our first issue, we delve into rare diseases to reveal why rare disease drug development and launch requires a unique business model compared to other disease areas. Our strategic, creative, and scientific experts explore:

  • How to navigate real world evidence and why it could be a gamechanger in rare disease
  • A patient’s account of living with a rare disease in the COVID-19 pandemic 
  • How to make an impact in small patient populations 
  • The lessons Dan Zaksas, PhD, Senior Vice President, Director of Scientific and Medical Affairds at our sister agency Dudnyk, has learned during a decade working in rare diseases
  • Why you need to build relationships with KOLs and patients much early than you think 
  • The lasting implications of COVID-19 on the life science industry.

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Our content has moved

Blue Latitude Health|18th November 2020

We’re posting all new articles on our parent website

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Fishawack Health launches Delta Magazine

Blue Latitude Health|17th November 2020

Our parent company Fishawack Health has launched a new magazine with a first issue unpacking rare disease.

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The landscape of healthcare has changed. So have we.

Blue Latitude Health is now Fishawack Health

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