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Blue Latitude Health|9th June 2020

How do you succeed in an industry where 90% of products fail? Our hosts Martin Brass and James Atherton talk to pioneers defying the odds and developing healthcare innovations that are changing the world – from pharma leaders to  biotech CEOs, scientists and healthcare technology entrepreneurs. But we don’t just cover their successes. We deep dive into our guests’ failures, lessons learned, and map the moments that defined them.

This podcast is brought to you by our parent company Fishawack Health, a new breed of healthcare communications agency. As part of Fishawack Health, we work end-to-end across the product lifecycle with capabilities in Medical, Consulting and Creative, underpinned by our expertise in digital technology.  Blue Latitude Health joined Fishawack Health in 2018.

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#6 Sunny Kumar – How do you find and fund innovation?

Have you ever wondered how venture capitalists know which healthcare tech to invest in? Sunny Kumar, Partner at GSR Ventures, reveals how he differentiates between hype and true innovation, why he’s passionate about artificial intelligence and informatics, and what the future looks like for the healthcare tech industry in the aftermath of COVID-19.

#5 Jill Hopkins – How do you save people's sight?

Jill Hopkins has dedicated her life to restoring people’s vision. In this episode she talks about what it’s like to fight blindness, a game-changing innovation in ophthalmology, and how Roche-Genentech keeps innovating in the wake of COVID-19.

#4 Dr Steven Shak – How do you become a precision medicine pioneer?

What does it mean to truly innovate, not just once but many times over? Dr. Steven Shak may be one of the few people who can help answer this question; from discovering the DNase1 gene, to developing a life-altering treatment for cystic fibrosis, and guiding revolutionary cancer drug Herceptin from concept to clinic, Steve Shak's groundbreaking work has changed the lives of millions across the globe. Now, in his newest venture as Chief Medical Officer at Exact Sciences, his portfolio of precision diagnostic tests have ensured one million cancer patients receive the right treatment at the right time. We discuss his life’s work (so far), his advice for pharma execs, and what next for the scientist.

#3 Dan Brillman and Taylor Justice – How do you unite health and social care?

WIn a country where health and social care are divided, Dan and Taylor have done the seemingly impossible. Inspired by their fellow veterans’ experiences, they developed Unite Us – a platform that connects communities, governments and healthcare systems around the single goal of improving health holistically. In this episode, they reveal how they’re achieving this vision, their journey from military veterans to CEOs, and their advice for start-ups operating in complex healthcare environments.

#2 Zoe Harris – How do you personalise care for dementia patients?

When her husband battled dementia and lost the ability to communicate, Zoe saw first-hand how the care team’s failure to understand his needs negatively impacted his outcomes. So, she took matters into her own hands. She developed a tool to personalise his care and now her solution – Mycarematters – is used by care staff and hospitals across the UK to improve the lives of cognitively impaired patients.

#1 Jacob Glanville – How do you treat rapidly mutating viruses?

Jacob Glanville is fascinated by the intersection of technology and medicine. Fuelled by his experiences growing up in war-torn Guatemala, he wondered how he could use technology to create a post-pathogen world. Now, as CEO of Distributed Bio, he’s achieving that vision. In this episode, he explains the story behind his innovative universal vaccine tech, why he chose to leave a top job at a prestigious pharmaceutical company, and how he got to where he is today.

#0 Beyond the Molecule – Coming soon

Take a sneak peek at our new podcast ‘Beyond the Molecule’ where we interview healthcare pioneers to reveal the untold stories of healthcare innovation. We learn about their personal stories, how they got to where they are today, and their successes and failures, to uncover their journey from initial idea to transformative innovation.


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