David Cooney to participate in the Bloodwise Triathlon to raise money for Multiple Myeloma

Blue Latitude Health | 4th May 2016

On 4th June, 2016, Blue Latitude Health’s own David Cooney will be participating in a team of four in the Blenheim Palace Triathlon to support Bloodwise, the UK’s largest blood cancer charity. This is David’s second triathlon – he participated in the London Triathlon last year as part of the Blue Latitude Health team – and ahead of the big day, we sat down with him to hear a bit more about why this triathlon and how we can help.


So David, last year you participated in the London Triathlon and raised money for Macmillan Cancer Support as part of the Blue Latitude Health team. Why the change to Blenheim and Bloodwise?

There are a couple of reasons I decided to do the Blenheim this year. The first being that the father of one of my very close friends was recently diagnosed with multiple myeloma, and this felt like something the rest of us could do with him to show our support. Bloodwise do excellent work; they research cures, campaign and educate to raise awareness, and they support blood cancer patients.

The other reason for my decision was that I’ve been working on brands in the multiple myeloma therapy area for over 18 months now. I’m heavily invested in the work that pharmaceutical companies and charities are doing to move toward a cure, and I wanted to do something a little more personal to contribute.


What is the commitment required for the Blenheim Palace Triathlon? And what kind of fundraising activity are you planning?

Each person commits to raising £300 to participate, but my mates and I are committed to raising £5000 as a team. There are four of us, so it’s £1000 each, and we’re hoping to bring in the last £1000 with our special post-race event Shoreditch. Tickets are on sale now, and 100% of the sale price will go to Bloodwise.


How are you preparing for this year’s race? You were pretty nervous ahead of last year’s triathlon – how are you feeling this time around?

I’m a lot less nervous this year! I’ve been cycling to work most days over the last year, and I try to get to the gym to do some swimming before work in the mornings. As of this month, I’m also going to be hitting the lido in Hyde Park to get some outdoor swimming practise. I’ve also been running with Simon in the afternoons, and I did a few mini-triathlons this year to train. I am ready!

The main difference between the Blenheim Palace Tri and the London Tri is the hills. Blenheim Palace is in Oxford, and the terrain is a bit tougher, but I’m pretty confident that even with the hills and the bit of extra length, I’ll manage to beat my time from last year.


You can help David and his team hit their £5000 goal by donating to their JustGiving page. Bloodwise are the UK’s biggest blood cancer charity, and the work they do to raise awareness and support research in leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma, and other blood disorders is incredibly important.

Blue Latitude Health is committed to helping patients beat cancer. Whether it’s through the work we do with our clients or the fantastic work our employees do outside the office with charities and bake sales – it’s a cause we are proud to support.

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