A day in the life of a Head of Insight

Blue Latitude Health | 28th October 2014

Have you ever wondered what it is like to work at Blue Latitude Health?

We sat down with our research and insight consultant, Martine Leroy, to find out more about what a typical day is like for her at Blue Latitude Health:  

What time do you wake up usually?


What’s your morning routine? 

Watching the news whilst eating breakfast. I may check a few emails to preprare me for the day, then if there's time (and it's not raining) I pop to the garden for some quiet time, and maybe a little trimming.

How do you get to work?

Underground and walk.

What time do you usually arrive in the office?

I tend to arrive around 9.15 am.

What’s the first thing you usually do when you sit at your desk?

Switch laptop on, check emails and prioritise, review to-do list.

What’s a typical morning for you?

Mornings are best time of day for me, so when I'm in the office I try to conduct the tasks that require: thinking, design, progress deliverables, focus on tight deadlines, have brainstorming meetings, and make some calls. If I'm out and about the mornings tend to be spent travelling, catching upon stuff and any final preparation for the day.

What music do you listen to whilst working?

No music as it tends to interfere with my focusing, but if tired or stressed, some classical mix can help.

Do you work through lunch or go out?

I prefer to work through lunch, but might pop out for a short walk to get some fresh air. Sometimes I will bring a book and switch off for a while, somewhere quiet.

Do you buy lunch daily or bring something in?

I tend to bring something in as my main meal is in the evening.

What’s the first thing you do after lunch?

Might have a yawn, then a stretch, and get cracking.

What’s a typical afternoon for you? 

If in the office, meetings with the project team, progressing various routine project tasks, catch up with admin, etc. If I'm out and about I tend to immerse myself in the moderating/observing tasks with clients, troubleshooting problems, or supporting the moderator.

What are the common challenges you face each day?

The to-do list is a piece of string, trying daily to master the art of prioritisation.

What time do you typically finish work?

I try to leave the office by 6.15pm. After dinner, if I have some loose ends to tie up, I continue to work at home for a bit.

How do you unwind from a day at work?

Sometimes I take try and fit in a leisurely stroll before taking the tube back home. Once home, I have a lovely family meal, Skype with friends and family, watch a movie or an episode of a favourite TV series. If the weather permits I may have enjoy a peaceful drink in the garden.

What are your must-read websites that you visit daily?

Just the news – BBC mostly  


Martine Leroy - Head of Insight

With a background in multi-national healthcare marketing research, working across therapy areas and with a wide range of stakeholders; Martine's focus is on customer needs and experiences, and helping customers to deliver more effective care / live healthier, fuller lives. She has a keen interest in drivers of decisions and what motivates customers. Always keen to learn about and apply the tools/knowledge that help to dig deeper into motivators. 

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