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Maria is an integral part of the Strategic Consulting team, planning the launch of a new immunotherapy product with a key agency of record account.

As an Associate Consultant, Maria works on supporting the development of launch strategies and tactical plans for key clients. In addition to the work she produces for the consulting team, she also utilises her knowledge on cutting-edge personalised therapies to serve an upcoming business development initiative.

Maria has a background in Molecular Biology and Genetics. Prior to joining Blue Latitude Health, she completed an MSc in Cell and Gene Therapy. Through her academic and research endeavours, she gained experience in many therapeutic areas, including infectious diseases, oncology, reproductive endocrinology and rare diseases.

Maria is an active advocate for public health and has previously volunteered for a HIV/AIDS non-profit organisation, where she contributed to the initiation of a National HIV Prevention Educational Program for schools in Greece. Being part of the scientific advisory group, her work also involved organising and conducting experiential seminars and awareness events, where she promoted HIV testing and encouraged sexual health education.

Driven by the ever-evolving, complex and in-deterministic nature of health systems, Maria is committed to securing implementation, affordability and accessibility to innovative treatments for all patients. She is particularly interested in how the promise of precision medicine can precipitate changes leading to a genuine transformational improvement of the current healthcare model.

Outside of work, she is a keen traveller and hopes to live in as many places as possible. Her other hobbies include reading film and literature analyses, and singing along to musical theatre songs. Besides English, Maria is fluent in Greek, Spanish and French.

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