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Matt is a highly experienced healthcare marketer, with a particular passion for pre-launch strategy development.

As Managing Consultant at Blue Latitude Health, Matt is responsible for ensuring top-quality client deliverables. He is skilled at building and inspiring teams to deliver consultancy that puts the patient at the centre of commercial decision making.

Matt has led a number of major strategy projects, including a global patient segmentation in Parkinson’s, a global brand positioning strategy in prostate cancer, new product and service innovation in Type 2 diabetes and EMEA multichannel strategy and planning in immuno-oncology.

Coming from a retail and FMCG background, Matt is fascinated by consumers’ needs and behaviour – particularly how to identify the key intervention points and the right mechanisms to engage people at these points. He uses this approach to help create strategies and campaigns that resonate with customers.

Matt is passionate about helping shape products and services that positively impact patients’ lives, and is inspired by companies that break from convention to move healthcare forward.

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